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Validated Online Lifecycle Threat (VOLT)

The Validated Online Lifecycle Threat (VOLT) Report as a regulatory document for Acquisition Category (ACAT) I-III programs. These programs require a unique, system-specific VOLT Report to support capability development and PM assessments of mission needs and capability gaps against likely threat capabilities at Initial Operational Capability (IOC).

VOLT Reports are required for all other programs unless waived by the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA). Programs on the Director, Operational Test, and Evaluation (DOT&E) Oversight List require a unique, system-specific VOLT Report, unless waived by both the MDA and the DOT&E. DoD Components produce a VOLT Report. DIA validates the VOLT Report for ACAT ID or IAM programs; the DoD Component validates the VOLT Report for ACAT IC or IAC programs and below. For ACAT ID or IAM programs, DIA contact information and the VOLT Report request form are available at the following

The VOLT Report is defined as the authoritative threat assessment tailored for and normally focused on one specific ACAT I, II or III program and authorized for use in the Defense Acquisition Management process. The VOLT Reports involve the application of threat modules, and are to be written to articulate the relevance of each module to a specific acquisition program or planned capability. At the discretion of the responsible MDA, VOLT Reports can be used in the future to support multiple programs that address like performance attributes, share an employment CONOPs, and have a similar employment timeline.

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Updated: 6/20/2018

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