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The Deputy for Test and Evaluation (T&E) should have approval authority for all contractor-created test plans, procedures, and reports. They must have access to all contractor’s testing and test results and is responsible for data disseminating. They also create report formats and timelines for contractor submittal and government approval. [1]

Guide: DAU Test and Management Guide – Jan 2005 – Chapter 4.3.2

The data requirements for the entire test program are outlined in the Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL). The Deputy for T&E provides input to this section of the Request for Proposal (RFP) early in the program. They ensure that the office and all associated test organizations requiring the information receive the test documentation on time. Usually, the contractor sends the data packages directly to the Deputy for T&E, who, in turn, has a distribution list trimmed to the minimum number of copies for agencies needing that information to perform their mission and oversight responsibilities. It is important for the Deputy for T&E to use an integrated test program and request contractor test plans and procedures well in advance of the actual test performance to ensure that the office of the Deputy for T&E has time to approve the procedures or implement modifications.

The Deputy for T&E must receive the test results and reports on time to enable the Program Manager (PM) and others to make program decisions. The data received should be tailored to provide the minimum information needed. All must be aware that data requirements in excess of the minimum needed may lead to an unnecessary increase in the overall program cost. For data that are needed quickly and informally, the Deputy for T&E can request Quick-Look Reports that give test results immediately after test performance.

The contract must specify the data the contractor will supply the Operational Test Agency (OTA). Unlike Development Test and Evaluation (DT&E), the contractor will not be making the Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) plans, procedures, or reports. These documents are the responsibility of the OTA. The Deputy for T&E should include the OTA on the distribution list for all test documents that are of concern during the DT&E phase of testing so they will be informed of test item progress and previous testing. An OTA representative should attend the CDRL Review Board and provide the PM with a list of the types of documents the OTA will need. The Deputy for T&E should coordinate the test sections of this data list with the OTA and indicate concerns at that meeting. All contractor test reports should be made available to the OTA. In return, the Deputy for T&E must stay informed of all OTA activities, understand the test procedures, and plan and receive the test reports.

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