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Test and Evaluation Working Level Integrated Product Team

The T&E Working-level Integrated Product Team (T&E WIPT) guides the development of a Test and Evaluation Strategy TES) and guides the execution of the Test and Evaluation (T&E) program. It should be established as early as possible during Material Solutions Analysis (MSA), and it should be chaired by a program office representative. Membership should consist of all Stakeholder organizations that require test data for Developmental Test, Operational Test or any other required certifications, and the user representative. [1]

For programs on the OSD T&E Oversight List, OSD T&E oversight agencies should be included. Program Managers should also consider forming lower-level functional working groups, who report to the T&E WIPT, whose focus is on specific areas such as integrated test planning, reliability scoring, modeling and simulation development, and Verification and Validation, and Accreditation, threat support, Critical Operational Issues (COI), etc. A charter should be developed early to, as a minimum, identify the responsibilities of the participating membership, and to describe the process by which the T&E WIPT will resolve issues. [1]

Working tools of the T&E WIPT include: [1]

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Updated: 7/20/2021

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