Systems Engineering

Technical Baseline

The Technical Baseline includes user requirements, program and product information, and related documentation for all configuration items (i.e., those system elements under configuration management). Configuration items can consist of the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS), operational and system requirements in the Initial Capabilities Document (ICD), Capability Development Document (CDD), Capability Production Document (CPD), and Weapons System Specifications (WSS), hardware, software, and data documentation. A Configuration Management process manages the technical baseline to ensure accuracy.

The technical baseline consists of the following Configuration Baselines:

Major Documents in the Technical Baseline Functional Baseline Allocated Baseline Product Baseline
System Performance Specifications X
Item Performance Specifications X
Item Details Specifications X
External Interfaces Specifications / Interface Control Documents X
Internal Interfaces Specifications / Interface Control Documents X
Functional Architecture X
Physical Architecture X X
Technical Architecture X
Table: Baseline and Specifications

Technical Baseline Documents & Artifacts

The technical baseline consists of many configuration documents, technical review artifacts, and information objects. Typically these include: [1]

  • specifications
  • drawings
  • interface control documents
  • requirements
  • parts lists or bill of materials
  • software documentation
  • standards
  • processes
  • models and simulation
  • architecture descriptions
  • and other associated items

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