Test & Evaluation

T&E Program Office Responsibilities

The Program Manager (PM) is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the system development, including testing. The Deputy for Test and & Evaluation (T&E) is normally authorized by the PM to conduct all duties in the area of T&E. [1]

In government acquisition programs, there should be an element dedicated to the management of T&E. This element has the overall test program responsibility for all phases of the acquisition process. T&E expertise may be available through matrix support or reside in the Program Management Office (PMO) engineering department during the program’s early phases. [1]

By System Demonstration, the Program Management Office (PMO) should have a dedicated T&E manager. In the PMO, the Deputy for T&E would be responsible for defining the scope and concept of the test program, establishing the overall program test objectives, and managing test program funds and coordination. The Deputy for T&E should provide test directors (such as a joint test director) as required, and coordinate test resources, facilities, and their support required for each phase of testing. In addition, the Deputy for T&E or a staff member will be responsible for managing the Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP), and planning and managing any special test programs required for the program. The Deputy for T&E will also review, evaluate, approve, and release for distribution contractor-prepared test plans and reports, and review and coordinate all appropriate government test plans. [1]

After the system is produced, the Deputy for T&E will be responsible for supporting production acceptance testing and the test portions of later increments, Preplanned Product Improvements (P3I) upgrades, or enhancements to the weapon system/acquisition. If the program is large enough, the Deputy for T&E will be responsible for all T&E direction and guidance for that program. [1]

Updated: 7/18/2017

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