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T&E Measures of Effectiveness

Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) are measure designed to correspond to accomplishment of mission objectives and achievement of desired results. They quantify the results to be obtained by a system and may be expressed as probabilities that the system will perform as required. The Capability Based Assessment (CBA) defines the MOE’s and articulates them in the Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) and Capabilities Development Document (CDD). MOEs may be further decomposed into Measures of Performance and Measures of Suitability.

Characteristics of Measure of Effectiveness: [1]

  • Relates to performance
  • Simple to state
  • Testable
  • Complete
  • States any time dependency
  • States any environmental conditions
  • Can be measured quantitatively (if required, may be measured statistically or as a probability).
  • Easy to measure

The Acquisition Program Baseline (APB) should reflect broadly defined, operational-level measures of effectiveness or measures of performance to describe needed capabilities. [2]

Measure of Performance (MOP)
Measure of a system’s performance expressed as speed, payload, range, time-on-station, frequency, or other distinctly quantifiable performance features. Several MOPs and/or Measures of Suitability (MOSs) may be related to the achievement of a particular Measure of Effectiveness (MOE).

Measure of Suitability (MOS)
Measure of an item’s ability to be supported in its intended operational environment. MOSs typically relate to readiness or operational availability and, hence, reliability, maintainability, and the item’s support structure. Several MOSs and/or Measures of Performance (MOPs) may be related to the achievement of a particular Measure of Effectiveness (MOE).

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Updated: 7/18/2017

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