Systems Engineering

System Design Review (SDR)

A System Design Review (SDR) is a technical review for space systems (See DoD Space Acquisition Systems) during the Technology Maturation & Risk Reduction (TD) Phase.  An SDR ensures the system’s Functional Baseline is established and that the system has a reasonable expectation of satisfying the requirement of the Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) within the currently allocated budget and schedule. It completes the process of defining the items or elements below the system level. This review assesses the decomposition of the system specification to system functional specifications.

System Design Review (SDR) Purpose

The purpose of the SDR is to determine whether the system’s functional definition is fully decomposed and that the program is prepared to begin preliminary design.

System Design Review (SDR) Assessment

An Independent Program Assessment (IPA) must be provided to support a Post-System Design Review Assessment. The Program Manager (PM) provides a post-SDR report to the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA). [1]

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