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Space System Testing

Space System Testing is the Test and Evaluation for space system; most notably satellite systems and their ground stations. They go through the same testing processes as normal system but modified in certain ways to provide more testing upfront. Guidance on specific testing can be found in the Air Force Space Systems Test and Evaluation Process and in National Security Space (NSS) Acquisition Policy. From a historical perspective, space systems pose several unique problems to the test process (especially the Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) process).

Space System Testing Categories

These problems generally fall into four (4) categories: [1]

  1. Limited quantities/high cost
  2. Incremental approach to acquisition
  3. Operating environment
  4. Test environment

The five (5) objectives of Space Systems T&E Process implementation are: [2]

  1. To verify that test results are credible and support DoD system acquisition milestone decision making.
  2. To provide early identification of space system performance and supportability deficiencies for resolution.
  3. To identify and measure performance parameters that are critical to operational effectiveness and suitability through rigorous analysis and evaluation during the evolution of system requirements.
  4. To provide early identification and timely acquisition of test assets.
  5. To execute test programs that consistently apply the scientific approach to T&E articulated in AFI 99-103, Test and Evaluation Process.

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Updated: 8/3/2021

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