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Software Functional Configuration Audit

Software Functional Configuration Audit (FCA) should be conducted for each Computer Software Configuration Item (CSCI) in the system. Software audits may be conducted on a single CSCI or a group of CSCIs. This audit is intended to confirm the CSCI is verified/tested relative to the allocated requirements and relevant higher-level specifications. Software FCAs also verify tested CSCIs were designed, coded, and tested following defined processes identified to be applied on the program in the Integrated Master Plan (IMP) and supporting plans to include the software development plan, the Configuration Management Plan, and the test plans.

Software FCAs may be performed incrementally on increments of software (i.e. planned partial functional capability increments, sometimes called blocks). In such cases, a final software FCA should be conducted to ensure all specified requirements have been satisfied. In cases where CSCI verification can only be completely determined after system integration and testing, the final FCA should be conducted using the results of these tests.

Inputs/Entry Criteria [1]

  • System and subsystem functional/development specifications.
  • CSCI functional/development specifications.
  • Draft CSCI product design specifications.
  • Unresolved software-related test deficiency reports.
  • Software test plans, descriptions, and procedures.

Outputs (Exit Criteria) [1]

  • CSCI allocated baselines for software functions.
  • Verification of CSCI functional/performance requirements (i.e., verification/test results sufficient to establish specified functional/performance requirements have been satisfied).
  • Readiness for next level of FCA.
  • Software FCA minutes identifying open discrepancies and actions for resolution.
  • Relevant software metrics.
  • The determination that the CSCI is fit for the intended use (i.e., remaining discrepancies or any requirements not passed do not prevent the software from safe use in the intended environment).

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