Program Management

Program Management Office (PMO)

The Program Management Office (PMO) is the organization or group of people who are in charge of project management within an organization. They maintain the standards and sound business practices that are necessary for a company or organization to execute a project successfully.  They are responsible for making sure everyone within an organization or project is executing with the proper knowledge, resources, lessons learned, metrics, reporting procedures, and skillsets.

Definition: A Program Management office (PMO) is an organization, group, or department that defines, maintains, and ensures project management standards are developed and met across an organization.

Program Management Office (PMO) Responsibilities

The PMO is responsible for developing the tools and resources within an organization to properly execute project management. A PMO provides guidance and direction to Program Managers and develops the standards to which they work. There are a few areas of responsibilities they focus on:

  • Leadership: Provide leadership across the organization to maintain standards
  • Develop Program Management Tools: These can be templates, databases, training, software, and much more
  • Develop Strategic Guidance: Provide guidance on how to execute a program in a organization
  • Best Practices: Maintains a standard list of the best ways to conduct project management
  • Maintain Corporate Culture: Makes sure the culture of the organization is productive.
  • Creates Project Archives: Good source of information for future projects; lessons learned.
  • Resource Management: Makes sure resources across an organization are properly managed.

Program Executive Office (PEO)

A Program Executive Office (PEO) is normally in charge of multiple Program Management Offices in the DoD. They are the main stakeholder responsible for the cost, schedule, and performance in a DoD acquisition program and/or portfolio.  A PEO may be responsible for a specific program (e.g., the Joint Strike Fighter), or for an entire portfolio of similar programs. [1]


  • The PMO is sometimes referred to as a PgMO

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