Program Management

Program Deviation Report (PDR)

A Program Deviation Report (PDR) describes deviations (also called “breaches”) to the Acquisition Program Baseline (APB) to the Defense Acquisition Executive (DAE) and Component Acquisition Executives (CAEs). [1]

When the Program Manager (PM) has reason to believe that the current estimate for the program indicates that a performance, schedule, or cost threshold value will not be achieved, he or she will immediately notify the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) of the deviation. [2]

Within 30 days of the occurrence of the program deviation, the PM will submit a PDR to the MDA providing the reasons for the program deviation and the actions that need to be taken to bring the program back within the baseline parameters (if this information was not included with the original notification). [2]

Within 90 days of the occurrence of the program deviation, one of the following should have occurred: [2]

  • The program is back within APB parameters; a new APB (changing only those parameters that were breached) has been approved;
  • or an Overarching IPTs (OIPT)-level or equivalent Component-level review has been conducted to review the program manager’s proposed baseline revisions and make recommendations to the MDA regarding the parameters that were breaches. The MDA will decide, based on criteria in 10 USC 2433 and 2435, whether it is appropriate to approve a revision to the APB.

If one of the above actions has not occurred within 90 days of the program deviation, the Under Secretary of Defense (USD) Acquisition, Technology & Logistics (AT&L) for Acquisition Category (ACAT) ID programs, or if delegated, the ASD(NII) for ACAT IAM programs, or the CAE for ACAT IC and/or ACAT IAC programs, should hold a formal Program Management Review (PMR) to determine program status. [2]


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Updated: 8/2/2021

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