Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Appropriations funds the cost of operating and maintaining equipment at a state of readiness.  See Appropriations Categories

O&M appropriations are used to finance the following efforts:

  • Operation and maintenance
  • Training, organization, and administration
  • Repair of facilities and equipment
  • Hire of passenger motor vehicles
  • Travel and transportation
  • Care of the dead
  • Procurement of services, supplies, and equipment
  • Communications
  • Recruiting
  • Depot maintenance
  • Purchases from Defense Working Capital Funds (e.g., spare parts)
  • Base operations support

Each O&M appropriation is subdivided into four budget activities (BAs):

  • BA-1 Operating Forces
  • BA-2 Mobilization
  • BA-3 Training and Recruiting
  • BA-4 Administrative and Service-wide Activities

Time Limitation
Available for new obligations for one fiscal year.

Funding Policy

Types of Costs
Expense costs

Acquisition Milestone
Operations and Support Phase


May NOT Fund
These funds may not be used for efforts that are integral to a developmental, production or modification program/effort and any other costs more appropriately funded by other specific appropriations.


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Updated: 6/8/2018

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