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Manufacturing Readiness

Manufacturing Readiness is the ability to harness the manufacturing, production, Quality Assurance, and industrial functions to achieve an operational capability that satisfies mission needs; in the quantity and quality needed by the military to carry out its missions. [1]

AcqNotes: Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL)

Manufacturing readiness begins before, continues during the development of systems, and continues even after a system has been in the field for a number of years. The ability to transition technology smoothly and efficiently from the labs, onto the factory floor, and into the field is a critical enabler for evolutionary acquisition.

Manufacturing Readiness Assessment (MRA)

The MRA is a new program management tool developed by and for Manufacturing Personnel to assess the maturity of acquisition and development programs. The process for conducting these assessments is new and therefore guidance is required. [1]

The Joint Directors Manufacturing Technology Panel (JDMTP) directed the development and implementation of Manufacturing Readiness Levels (MRL) and MRAs to assess the maturity of DoD development programs and to report “readiness for production” in a standard format throughout the acquisition cycle. This tool is designed as a program management aid and is applicable at all levels of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The MRA metrics developed are derived from the Acquisition Program Best Practices. When applied, MRAs will aid the program manager in developing a logical roadmap allowing the transition of a technology development program into a program that is ready to transition into production. A manufacturing readiness assessment evaluates the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and the level of product and process development and maturity. The application of the assessment process will help to facilitate an end result of producible, affordable products. [1]

MRL are designed to be measures used to assess the maturity of a given technology from a manufacturing perspective. The purpose of MRLs are to provide decision-makers (at all levels) with a common understanding of the relative maturity (and attendant risks) associated with manufacturing technologies, products, and processes being considered to meet DoD requirements.

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