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Maintenance Concept Plan

Maintenance Concept

The maintenance concept is a brief description of the maintenance considerations, constraints, and plans for operational support of the system/equipment under development.  It’s derived from the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and is a major driver in system design and support.  Maintenance concept requirements are translated into system design and support requirements. As the system design activities are performed; the maintenance concept continues to shape system design decisions and detailed maintenance and product support requirements.

A few general guidelines to consider when establishing the system’s maintenance concept are:

  • Anticipated levels of repair
  • General overall repair policies such as “repair or replace” criteria
  • Organizational responsibilities for maintenance
  • Anticipated availability of resources
  • Use of contractors both CONUS and OCONUS
  • Statutory and Regulatory maintenance guidance

Maintenance Plan

The maintenance plan details maintenance requirements and resources needed to maintain a specific piece of equipment or an overall system. It’s developed from the maintenance concept prior to Milestone C and is refined over the lifecycle of a piece of equipment or system. It describes how:

  • Maintenance concept will be implemented,
  • Prescribes actions for each significant maintenance task that will be required for the system/ equipment during its life cycle,
  • Explains technical requirements (where and how maintenance will be performed),
  • Incorporates detailed support concepts and resource requirements,
  • Lists the significant consumable items, and
  • Lists for each repairable item the supply, maintenance, and recoverability requirements/sources.

Concept of Operations

The Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) and Capability Development Document (CDD) contains a Concept of Operations (CONOPS) which describes the support environment in which the system will operate to support Warfighter and program operational and performance objectives. It contains information related to the system maintenance concept; the logistics support infrastructure, expected durations of support, reliability and maintainability rates; and support locations.

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