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Logistics Demonstration

A Logistics Demonstration (LD) is part of Developmental Test and Evaluation (DT&E) and is used to assess the adequacy of the System Support Package (SSP) and ensure the user has the logistical capability to achieve Initial Operational Capability (IOC).

Purpose Logistics Demonstration (LD)

The purpose of an LD is to evaluate the achievement of maintainability goals; the adequacy and sustainability of tools, test equipment, selected test program sets, built-in test equipment, associated support items of equipment, technical publications, and maintenance instructions. It also evaluates the adequacy of trouble-shooting procedures, personnel skill requirements; the selection and allocation of spare parts, tools, test equipment, and tasks to appropriate maintenance levels; and the adequacy of maintenance time standards.

Regulation: Army Regulation 700-127 “Integrated Logistics Support” 26 Mar 2012, Par 5-16

Logistics Demonstration (LD) Requirement

A LD is required for all new acquisition systems or system changes that have an operational impact, including any new or improved support and test equipment intended for support of the system. Within available resources, a dedicated engineering prototype will be provided for the LD. The LD requires a test plan, to include the data to be recorded and the evaluation procedures, and a final report that documents the results, analysis of findings, and recommendations for corrective actions. The Test Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) will contain and schedule the LD.

A LD can include the nondestructive disassembly and reassembly of a production representative system using its related peculiar test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment (TMDE).

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