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Interim Contractor Logistics Support

Interim Contractor Support (ICS) includes the burdened cost of contract labor, material, and assets used in providing temporary logistics support to a weapon system, subsystem, and associated support equipment. The purpose of ICS is to provide total or partial logistics support until a government maintenance capability is developed. [1]

Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) is when a contractor, rather than the government, is responsible for the integration of logistics support functions such as providing engineering support, identifying requirements for spare and repair parts, facilities, materiel, equipment, personnel and performing maintenance on weapon systems. CLS is a method of obtaining support for a product throughout its life cycle. Contractors can provide logistics support over a wide range of options, from interim contractor support covering the initial fielding while the product support package is being deployed, to supporting specific limited operations, to full contractor support. CLS may be utilized as appropriate for all of the requisite logistics support for specific logistics functions. [1,2]

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Updated: 7/27/2021

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