Production, Quality & Manufacturing

Integrated Management Planning

The Integrated Product & Process Development (IPPD) approach to manufacturing and quality planning is Integrated Management Planning (IMP). IMP is the merging of manufacturing and production, planning and development activities, and quality practices. Production and quality planning are performed simultaneously in IMP. It includes four (4) important production activities that are performed by both contractor and government personnel:

  1. Designing for Producibility: should be considered before the manufacturing capabilities are established. It requires matching product requirements with manufacturing processes. To effectively design for producibility, planning needs to start with the evaluation of alternative design concepts and continue through product improvement.
  2. Establishing Manufacturing Capabilities: that achieves desired product characteristics (cost and performance) with a minimum of manufacturing errors.
  3. Assessing Manufacturing Process Maturity: Mature processes have completed the design and have demonstrated that they meet product design and quality requirements by being:
    • Reliable
    • Predictable
    • Consistent
    • Stable
  4. Technical Reviews: oversight tool that the Program Manager (PM) can use to review and evaluate the state of a program. The major product design review are:

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