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Horizontal Analysis and Protection

The Horizontal Protection Program ensures that DoD acquisition programs developing new or revised Program Protection Plans (PPP) have access through a standard DoD-wide automated system. Access to the database allows the programs to compare levels of classification and sensitivity. The objective of Horizontal Analysis and Protection activities is to ensure consistent, cost-effective application of similar Research and Technology Protection safeguards for similar Critical Program Information (CPI) throughout the DoD. [1]

The DIA-conducted horizontal analysis should address the following: [1]

  • System enabling technologies, (CPI) and their additional applications, whether for similar or dissimilar tasks;
  • Research and Technology Protection safeguards planned or provided;
  • Intelligence estimates of competitive foreign acquisition efforts; and
  • Reports of completed investigations of compromises, espionage cases, and other losses.

DoD Components should establish processes that support horizontal analysis and protection activities. DoD Components should: [1]

  • Identify system enabling technologies and their additional applications, whether for similar or dissimilar tasks;
  • Review security classification guides of existing programs or projects when developing a Counterintelligence Support Plan or Program Protection Plan (PPP) to determine the classification of similar technologies used in other programs or under development; and
  • Catalogue, analyze, group, and correlate protection requirements within approved PPPs for CPI involving similar enabling technologies. Provide the data collected to the DIA for their use.

Horizontal Protection [1]
DIA, through the Defense Counterintelligence and HUMINT Center, will provide their analysis report to the site director for emerging technologies and/or to the PM for their application within an acquisition program. Site directors or PMs should ensure their respective Counterintelligence Support Plan and Program Protection Plan (PPP) are modified when required based upon results of the horizontal analysis.

The DIA will also coordinate all reported or discovered discrepancies with the appropriate DoD Components for resolution at the lowest possible organizational level.

Reporting Requirements [1]
Compromise of CPI will be reported through counterintelligence channels to DIA, through the Defense Counterintelligence and HUMINT Center and the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, in accordance with DoD Instruction 5240.04 “Counterintelligence (CI) Investigations”.

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Updated: 6/21/2018

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