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Government Furnished Software

Government Furnished Software (GFS) (part of Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)) is Non-Developmental Software (NDS) that is provided to a contractor by the government for a specific intent or purpose.  Special considerations apply when GFS is incorporated into an embedded system. Special consideration when using GFS should include:

  • An Associate Contractor Agreement (ACA) between the embedded system developer and the original developer of the GFS may be appropriate to ensure rapid, clear, and concise communication.
  • The program office should consider codifying a government-to-government relationship (Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), other agreements) with the original acquiring organization to outline roles, responsibilities, and agreements.
  • The program office and contractor should codify the roles, responsibilities, and performance expectations related to the GFS. Contractor responsibilities and expectations related to GFS should be clearly understood.
  • The development contract should be structured to ensure the Government is not held responsible for the performance or support of the GFS. Refer to Appendix E of the USAF Weapons Systems Software Guide.

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Updated: 7/24/2021

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