Financial Management

Funding – Program Management Administration (PMA)

Funding for Program Management Administration (PMA) is the cost of mission essential office operations in direct support of a program and its program management office (PMO).  It’s budgeted on an annual basis and reflected in the fiscal year during which the requirement is projected to execute. PMA costs are charged to the appropriation funding the task being supported and normally executed in the first year of availability.

PMA costs include:

  • SPO Travel,
  • contract services in support of program office
  • operations (including Advisory & Assistance Services (A&AS) contracts),
  • computer support,
  • unique communication expenses,
  • printing,
  • supplies, and
  • initial program specific training

PMA costs do not include: 

  • Civilian pay or overtime pay,
  • Standard base or installation operating support,
  • Costs associated with HQ level support
  • Building repairs
  • Snow removal

AcqNotes and References:

  •  Air Force Instruction (AFI) 65-601

Updated: 7/20/2017

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