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Example Statement of Objectives

The Statement of Objectives (SOO) identifies the broad, basic, top-level objectives of the acquisition and is used as a focusing tool for both the Government and offeror’s.  The following are some examples of software related SOO that can be used. [1]

  • An efficient development program that balances risk, cost, schedule and performance.
  • Phased development via incremental software/hardware development approaches.
  • A comprehensive Systems Engineering Process to specify, design, develop, integrate, test, produce, deliver, verify, validate, document, and sustain the system/software that:
    • Satisfies all System Requirements Document (SRD) / Capabilities Development Document (CDD) threshold requirements.
    • Supports rapid, cost effective development/modification of the operational system, training system, and support components to meet System Requirements Document (SRD) thresholds and as many objectives as are affordable.
    • Includes the ability to easily and inexpensively upgrade existing equipment and/or insert new technologies as they become available.
    • Mitigates the risks associated with technology obsolescence, proprietary technologies, and reliance on a single source of supply over the life of the system.
    • Ensures interoperability with the Global Information Grid (GIG) systems and ground processing infrastructures.
    • Reduces system life cycle cost and logistics footprint by addressing required quality attributes, such as reliability, maintainability, supportability, safety, security, and human factors.
    • Supports rapid, cost effective modification/upgrade/technology insertion.
  • An effective system/software development and integration process that uses a modular open systems architecture approach.
  • Timely deployment of initial training components.
  • Use of contractor management processes, procedures, systems, internal metrics, and performance measures unless their use conflicts with contract requirements or does not allow contract requirements to be completely met.
  • Timely, cost effective transition to organic support that ensures access to all required technical data and computer software, and associated license rights.


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Updated: 7/4/2021


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