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Evolutionary Acquisition for Space Efficiency (EASE)

Evolutionary Acquisition for Space Efficiency (EASE) is a procurement approach that seeks stable production and strategic sub tier management through the block buy of two space vehicles employing fixed-priced contracting. In addition to block-buy procurement, EASE includes RDT&E funding for a Capability and Affordability Improvement Program (CAIP). CAIP seeks to improve manufacturability and lower recurring costs by addressing parts obsolescence through sustaining engineering.

  • EASE is an acquisition strategy that encompasses the following tenets: block buys of satellites, fixed price contracting, stable research and development investment, and a modified annual funding approach.
    • Block buys of satellites allows us to purchase economic order quantities of critical parts, run production lines more efficiently, & reduce non-recurring engineering costs –
    • Savings from EASE will be invested in research and development that will further improve the reliability and lower the cost of follow-on systems
    • We will be requesting a series of authorities from Congress to implement this strategy including advance procurement, multi-year procurement, and advance appropriations. If advance appropriations is granted, Congress will appropriate procurement dollars to fully fund the contract at program initiation
    • Allows the DoD to spread the cost of satellite block buys across multiple years
  • Commitment to satellite production and reinvestment in technology development provides stability and predictability for a fragile space industrial base.

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