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Enterprise Integration Toolkit

The Enterprise Integration Toolkit provides Program Managers (PMs) with a repeatable Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) implementation process, a knowledge repository that incorporates both government and commercial industry best practices and lessons learned, and a Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, and Extensions (RICE) Repository. The objectives of the Enterprise Integration Toolkit are to assure cost savings within the program, to achieve program speed and efficiency, and to reduce program risk. [1]

Website: Enterprise Integration Toolkit

The Toolkit is the single point of reference for COTS program product examples and templates and contains a repository of Education & Training courses and lessons learned. PMs should use the Enterprise Integration Toolkit to leverage proven approaches and lessons learned in the areas of program initiation, software, and system integration services sourcing, contracting, implementation, education and training, information assurance/security, performance metrics, and change management. The Toolkit enables PMs to leverage work already done and to reduce the redundancy, effort, and costs associated with a COTS implementation. [1]

The Enterprise Integration Toolkit also contains a repository of RICE development objects to be used by PMs to leverage work already done and to reduce redundancy, effort, and costs of COTS implementations. RICE objects represent a significant portion of COTS cost, not only in the initial development but in ongoing maintenance and updating. [1]

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Updated: 6/7/2018

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