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DoD NetOps Strategic Vision

NetOps is defined as the DoD-wide operational, organizational, and technical capabilities for operating and defending the Global Information Grid (GIG). NetOps includes, but is not limited to, enterprise management, net assurance, and content management. The role of NetOps in Net-Centric Operations is to enable the GIG to provide users at all levels and in all operational environments access to and use of the information they need.

Document: DoD NetOps Strategic Vision – Dec 2008

The NetOps Strategic Vision is based on the underlying tenets of net-centricity and other net-Centric strategies. It outlines a vision that transforms NetOps capabilities into a force multiplier by enabling the warfighter, business and intelligence user and decision makers to fully employ the power of the Global Information Grid (GIG). This strategic vision seeks to establish a Net-Centric NetOps capability for dynamically operating and defending the GIG as a unified, agile enterprise that provides responsive support to multiple simultaneous missions.
The purpose of the NetOps Strategic Vision is to communicate the DoD Chief Information Officer’s vision and goals for migrating to new NetOps capabilities which will enable the Department’s Net-Centric vision. It builds on the DoD Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT).

This NetOps Strategic Vision is based on three (3) goals: [1]

  1. Share GIG Situational Awareness: Provide GIG users, operators, and commanders at all levels with accurate and timely information that enables a shared understanding of the health and mission readiness of the GIG.
    • Objective: Provide GIG Situational Awareness information in a mission context
    • Objective: Establish metrics for measuring the health and mission readiness of the GIG
  2. Unify GIG Command and Control: Adopt a unified C2 approach for agile proactive management of the GIG.
    • Objective: Implement a GIG management approach that is centrally directed with decentralized policy-based execution for synchronized operations and defense of all GIG domains
    • Objective: Develop and adopt consistent and coordinated tactics, techniques, and procedures for NetOps
  3. Institutionalize NetOps: Institutionalize NetOps across DOTMLPF to ensure DoD requirements, acquisition, budgeting, and management processes can be influenced to achieve the NetOps vision.
    • Objective: Define, develop, and deploy time-phased NetOps capability increments
    • Objective: Develop and implement a standardized GIG Configuration Management process
    • Objective: Implement and oversee a NetOps governance structure that supports other Net-Centric strategies.

NetOps will fully enable net-centric operations by providing: [1]

  • Timely and complete GIG Situational Awareness information to Commanders
  • GIG Command and Control capabilities that enable rapid decision making
  • Clear, well integrated and enforceable NetOps operational policies
  • More effective, coordinated operational use of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Standardized metrics that enable the measurement of the health and mission readiness across the GIG
  • Automated, federated NetOps capabilities that enable the rapid adaption of GIG capabilities to rapidly changing mission needs and unanticipated threats.
  • Increased coordination, alignment and synchronization of NetOps acquisition and fielding activities currently under way

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