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DoD Information Technology Standards and Profile Registry

The DoD Information Technology Standards Registry (DISR) is an online repository of Information Technology (IT) standards.  DISR online supports the continuing evolution of the DISR and the automation of all its processes and is the repository for information related to DOD IT and National Security Systems (NSS) standards. DISR should be used by anyone involved in the management, development, or acquisition of new or improved systems within DoD.

Website: DoD GIG Technical Guidance Federation (CAC Card Required)

Public Website: Defense Standardization Program – DISR

DISR standards are to be used within DoD as the “building codes” for all new systems.  The standards are intended to facilitate interoperability and integration of systems within the Global Information Grid (GIG). DISR also provides the ability to specify profiles of standards that programs will use to deliver net-centric capabilities. At the start of the acquisition cycle for new systems, requests for proposals and contract statements of work should be reviewed to ensure that DISR IT standards established in Initial Capabilities Documents (ICD), Capability Development Documents (CDD), and Capability Production Documents (CPD) are translated into clear contractual requirements.

The Defense Information System Agency CIO Executive Board oversees the DISR and establishes policies that facilitates IT standards interoperability.  The CIO Executive Board makes changes, based on recommendations from the IT Standard Oversight Panel (ISOP) and is the final approver and adjudicating authority for DISR.  The Technical Working Group (TWG) under the IT Standards Committee (ITSC) supports the CIO Executive Board by identifying new standards to include in the DISR and by retiring standards that is no longer deemed to be interoperable. All mandated standards are entered into the ASSIST database.

The ASSIST database is the DoD reference for military specifications, standards and related publications.

DISR is governed by DoD Directive 5101.7 “DoD Executive Agent for Information Technology Standards” which mandates that uniform IT standards be used throughout the DoD in a manner that achieves and enhances interoperable and net-centric enabled IT and NSS.

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