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DoD Information Technology (IT) Portfolio Repository

DoD Information Technology (IT) Portfolio Repository (DITPR) contains a comprehensive unclassified inventory of the DoD’s mission-critical and mission-essential Information technology systems and their interfaces. It contains basic overview information regarding all DoD IT systems to include;  system names, acronyms, descriptions, sponsoring component, approval authority, points of contact, and other basic information required for any analysis of DoD inventory, portfolios, or capabilities. It supports the Title 40/Clinger-Cohen Act inventory requirements and the capital planning and investment processes of selection, control, and evaluation.

Website: DoD Information Technology (IT) Portfolio Repository (DITPR) (CAC Required)

Guide: DoD Information Technology (IT) Portfolio Repository (DITPR) Users Guide (11MB)

The DITPR is web-enabled, requires a Common Access Card (CAC) to obtain access, and requires a user account approved by a DoD Component or DoD IT Portfolio Management (PfM) Mission Area or Domain Sponsor. There is a separate inventory on the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET) called the DoD SIPRNET IT Registry, which requires a separate user account to obtain access. [1]

Data is entered into the DITPR by one of two (2) means: [1]

  • For the Army, Air Force, Navy & Marine Corps, and the TRICARE Management Activity; data is entered into the DoD Component’s IT inventory system and uploaded to DITPR by batch update monthly.
  • All other Components work directly online in DITPR.

Who is Responsible? The Program Manager (PM) is responsible for ensuring the system is registered and should follow applicable DoD Component Chief Information Officer (CIO) procedures and guidelines. [1]

DITPR Update Procedure: The DITPR guidance outlines a standard, documented procedure for updating its contents on a monthly basis. The rules, procedures, and protocols for the addition, deletion, and updating of system information are available to users once they are registered. Service and Agency CIOs confirm the completeness of the inventory and the accuracy of the data on the inventory on an annual basis. [1]

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