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DoD Information Enterprise

The Department of Defense (DoD) Information Enterprise (IE) is an organizing construct that consists of DoD information assets, processes, activities, and resources required to achieve an information advantage and share information across the DoD. The construct is envisioned to help the DoD move to trusted network-centric operations through the acquisition of services and systems that are secure, reliable, interoperable, and able to communicate across a universal Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. [1]

Website: DoD Information Enterprise Architecture

The main elements of DoD IE include: [1]

  • The actual Information
  • Processes including risk management, associated with managing information to accomplish the DoD mission and functions.
  • Activities related to designing, building, populating, acquiring, managing, operating, protecting and defending the information enterprise.
  • Related information resources such as personnel, funds, equipment, and information technology, including national security systems.

The DoD IE focuses on three (3) main Information Technology areas: [1]

  1. The IT Infrastructure of the Global Information Grid (GIG)
  2. An Enterprise Architecture which describes the “current architecture” and “target architecture,” and provides a strategy that will enable an agency to transition from its current state to its target environment.
  3. The DoD Information Enterprise Architecture (IEA) which provides a common foundation to support accelerated DoD transformation to net-centric operations and establishes priorities to address critical barriers to its realization.

The net-centric vision of the DoD IE is to function as one unified DoD Enterprise, creating an information advantage for our people and mission partners by providing: [1]

  • A rich information-sharing environment in which data and services are visible, accessible, understandable, and trusted across the enterprise.
  • An available and protected network infrastructure (the GIG) that enables responsive information-centric operations using dynamic and interoperable communications and computing capabilities.

Program Managers (PM) and Sponsors/Domain Owners should use this vision to help guide their acquisition programs.

Defense Information Interprise Global Principals

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Updated: 6/11/2018

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