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DoD Enterprise Architecture

An Enterprise Architecture (EA) describes the “current architecture” and “target architecture,” and provides a strategy that will enable an agency to transition from its current state to its target environment. The Office of Management and Budget defines enterprise architecture as the explicit description and documentation of the current and desired relationships among business and management processes and IT. [1]

All DoD architectures, including warfighter, intelligence, business process, and enterprise management architectures, are part of the DoD Enterprise Architecture (EA). The DoD EA is defined as a federation of descriptions that provide context and rules for accomplishing the mission of the Department. These descriptions are developed and maintained at the Department, Capability Area, and Component levels and collectively define the people, processes, and technology required in the “current” and “target” environments, and the roadmap for transition to the target environment. [1]

The DoD EA is part of the organizing construct of the DoD Information Enterprise.

DoD Enterprise Architecture

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Updated: 1/04/2018

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