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Depot-Level Maintenance

Depot-Level (D-Level) Maintenance is performed on materiel requiring major overhaul or a complete rebuild of parts, assemblies, subassemblies, and end items, including the manufacture of parts, modification, testing, and reclamation, as required. It supports organizational and intermediate maintenance activities by more extensive shop facilities and personnel of higher technical skill than are normally available at the lower levels of maintenance.

Handbook: DoD 4151.18-H “Depot Maintenance Capacity & Utilization Measurement” (Change 1) – 31 Aug 2018

D-Level is defined as, “The processes of materiel maintenance or repair involving the overhaul, upgrading, rebuilding, testing, inspection, and reclamation (as necessary) of weapon systems, equipment end items, parts, components, assemblies, and subassemblies. Depot-level maintenance also includes all aspects of software maintenance, the installation of parts or components for modifications, and technical assistance to intermediate maintenance organizations, operational units, and other activities.”

Each military service manages and operates its own organic depot-level maintenance infrastructure. Below is a list of the major D-Level facilities for each branch:

– See Depot Maintenance Analysis

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