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Delegation of Disclosure Authority Letter

Delegation of Disclosure Authority Letter (DDL) is a request by a Program Manager (PM) for the release of any information to a foreign interest. It can request/recommend foreign involvement on a program, disclosure of the program to foreign interests, request for authority to conclude an international agreement, or a decision to authorize foreign sales. The Technology Assessment/Control Plan forms the basis of the DDL. An approved DDL describes Classification Levels, scope, authority, limitations, and jurisdiction of information.

Delegation of Disclosure Authority Letter (DDL) is required for:

  • International Agreements
  • Foreign Liaison Officers
  • Military Personnel Exchange Programs
  • Weapons Systems
  • Organizational (Commands & Agencies)
  • Cooperative R&D

The DDL should provide detailed guidance on releasability of all elements of the system, including its technology, Critical Program Information (CPI), and associated information. The Security Classification Guide (SCG) will be consulted during the preparation of the DDL to establish its classification.

Delegation of Disclosure Authority Letter (DDL) Development

The PM develops the DDL in accordance with DoD Directive 5230.11 Enclosure 4 . The applicable designated disclosure authority should agree with its content. The DDL is provided to the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) and the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Policy) (USD(P)) for approval at each milestone. Until the DDL has been approved by the originating activity’s designated disclosure authority, the MDA, and the Office of the USD(P), there should be no promise to release, nor should there be actual release of, sensitive information or technology.

Delegation of Disclosure Authority Letter (DDL) Basic Disclosure Criteria

  • Disclosure is consistent with U.S. foreign policy and National Security Objectives
  • Disclosure is contingent upon security assurances provided by the foreign government
  • Benefit to the U.S. is at least equivalent to the value of the information disclosed
  • Disclosure will be limited to information necessary to meet desired purpose


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