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Defense Acquisition Program Support Methodology (DAPS)

The Defense Acquisition Program Support (DAPS) Methodology provides the tailorable framework for conducting Program Support Reviews (PSR) to assist Program Managers (PM) and DoD decision-makers in preparation for Milestone A, B, and C decision reviews. The methodology is composed of a listing of programmatic and technical areas, sub-areas, and factors, developed to be both broad in scope and detailed enough to enable the application to programs of all types. The methodology provides a standardized approach (detailed review typology) to conducting PSRs, allowing for the participation of a broad cadre of subject matter experts while expecting the same level of coverage and quality among all reviews. [2]

Guidebook: Defense Acquisition Program Support Methodology – Version 2.0

The DAPS methodology addresses the systems engineering policies set forth by the Defense Acquisition Executive (DAE) and as documented in the programs approved Systems Engineering Plan (SEP) and Contractors Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP). These policies foster effective systems engineering practices on all programs, helping the PM attain success in the acquisition and support life cycle. The thorough application of the DAPS methodology can contribute to improved balance of cost, schedule, performance, and risk. [1]

The methodology also has enabled the creation of a database of program issues and root causes. The database allows systemic analysis that can be used to effect improvements to the acquisition process (e.g., policies, tools, and education) and to identify best practices. [2]

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Updated: 7/14/2017

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