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Defense Acquisition Management Information Retrieval (DAMIR) System

DAMIRNote: DAMIR has been replaced with Defense Acquisition Visibility Environment (DAVE)

The Defense Acquisition Management Information Retrieval (DAMIR) System is a DoD initiative that provides enterprise visibility to Acquisition program information. DAMIR streamlines acquisition management and oversight by leveraging web services, authoritative data sources, data collection, and data repository capabilities.

Website: Defense Acquisition Visibility Environment (DAVE)

DAMIR identifies various data sources that the Acquisition community uses to manage Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP) and Major Automated Information Systems (MAIS) programs and provides a unified web-based interface through which to present that information. DAMIR is the authoritative source for Selected Acquisition Reports (SAR), SAR Baselines, Acquisition Program Baselines (APB), and Assessments. It is a powerful reporting and analysis tool with robust data checks, validation, standardization, and workflow leveling. It has extensive security capabilities as well as both classified and unclassified versions. One component of DAMIR, Purview, is an executive information system that displays program information such as mission and description, cost, funding, and schedule. It is OSD’s solution for structured acquisition data presentation and uses web services to obtain and display Defense Acquisition Executive Summary (DAES) data directly from the Service acquisition databases.

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Updated: 1/8/2024

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