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Data Call

A Data Call is a response by a Program Manager (PM) to solicit/collect data and/or information from the contractor(s) or other government organizations. The data can be used to help the government develop requirements, standards, databases, Request for Proposals (RFP), or conduct analysis. In response to a data call, Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) candidate items are developed for the information that is needed. Most are developed to fit under standard Data Item Descriptions (DIDs).

A Data Call maybe initiated in Preliminary planning activities that require the specific collection of data and information, its analysis, and documentation prior to the public announcement for a competition.

Data Call Example

The Assistant Secretary of Defense (Research and Engineering) ASD(R&E) annually issues a Data Call to collect data for the Research and Engineering (R&E) Database and to satisfy the requirements of the E-Gov. Act of 2002.

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