Critical Operational Issues (COI) are the operational effectiveness and operational suitability issues (not parameters, objectives, or thresholds) that must be examined to evaluate/assess the system’s capability to perform its mission. Not all operational issues are critical. COIs must be relevant to the required capabilities for a system to be operationally effective and suitable and represent a significant risk if not satisfactorily resolved. [1]

COIs must be examined and related to Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) and Measures of Suitability (MOS), and are included in the Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP).

A COI is normally phrased as a question that must be answered in the affirmative to properly evaluate operational effectiveness. The following are four examples of critical operational issues statements in the TEMP: [1]

  • Will the platform/system (or subsystem/equipment) detect the threat in a combat environment at the adequate range to allow a successful mission?
  • Will the system be safe to operate in a combat environment?
  • Can the platform/system (or subsystem/equipment) accomplish its critical missions?
  • Is the platform/system (or subsystem/equipment) ready for Joint and, if applicable, Combined operations?


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Updated: 6/5/2018

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