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Counterintelligence Support Plan

The Counterintelligence Support Plan (CISP) is a formally coordinated action plan for Counterintelligence (CI) support to protect research and technology at specific DoD research, development, test, and evaluation facilities and acquisition programs. The plan addresses key aspects of the installation, the activity or program, and the nature of the CI activities to be employed. A separate plan may be prepared for each DoD contractor or academic institution where Critical Program Information (CPI) is involved.

  • A tailored CISP is developed for every DoD RDT&E activity and for each DoD acquisition program with identified CPI;
  • RDT&E site directors, security managers, and supporting CI organizations are responsible for developing a CISP for each RDT&E facility;
  • Program Managers (PM) and their supporting security and CI organizations are responsible for developing a CISP for each acquisition program with CPI. The CPI will be listed in the CISP;
  • The CISP is signed by local CI and site management personnel, the PM, and the local Defense Security Service representative, as appropriate. The CISP will specify which of the CI services will be conducted in support of the facility or program and will provide the CI personnel with information about the program or facility to help focus the CI activities. A copy of the signed plan is provided to the DoD Component CI headquarters;
  • The CISP will be reviewed annually, or as required by events. It will be used as the baseline for any evaluation of the program or facility and its supporting CI program; and
  • Any updated CISP is redistributed to those providing support.

A CISP will be developed for each Program Protection Plan (PPP). The PM and Security Office will develop a CISP with their servicing Office of Special Investigation (OSI) Research & Technology Protection specialist. The CISP will address CI support for the life-cycle of the system or technology. [2]

Component CI agencies have identified a core listing of CI services that are recommended for each CISP:

  • If there is CPI at a RDT&E site, the site director-approved CISP is provided to the DoD Component CI specialists working at the RDT&E site;
  • If there is CPI at a RDT&E site, the PM-approved CISP is provided to the DoD Component CI specialists working at the site and will become an annex to the site CISP;
  • If CPI is identified at a DoD contractor facility, the PM, CI specialist, the Defense Security Service CI specialist, and the contractor develop a CISP annex to define CI support to the contractor; and
  • If RDT&E site management identifies CPI requiring specialized CI support beyond what is covered in the project or program CISP, that additional support is documented as an annex to the site CISP. [1]

When more than one DoD Component CI agency has an interest at the same RDT&E site or contractor facility, teaming, and cooperation should occur at the lowest possible organizational level.

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