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Configuration Management Information System (CMIS)


The DoD Configuration Management Information System (CMIS) supports the configuration, engineering, and technical data management functions of the Department of Defense (DoD) community with a standard Web-Based Automated Information System (AIS).

The primary objective of CMIS is to provide the DoD community with a standard AIS to support CM activities. The CM activities supported are:

  • Configuration Identification: Cross-references all Configuration Item (CI) technical data (specifications, drawings, parts, National Stock Numbers),
  • Configuration Control: Automates Engineering Change Proposal (ECP)/Request for Deviation/Request for Waiver process; flags proposed and pending changes, including impact to baselines/product reports,
  • Configuration Status Accounting: Freezes and compares engineering Configuration Baselines; records changes to items; track multiple baselines, and
  • Configuration Audit: Records audit results and identifies baseline deltas

The secondary objectives of CMIS are to provide an open system that can communicate effectively with other AIS, a system that is portable across multiple hardware platforms, and a system that reduces data redundancy existing in today’s information support environment.

The DoD and Each service has their own dedicated CMIS. However the web addresses for each of the website are constantly changing and require a DoD network so they can’t be listed on this site.

CMIS provides accurate, complete, and accessible configuration data to ensure successful maintenance and operations of DoD weapon systems or tracked assets. CMIS enhances mission readiness and operational capability in measurable terms by providing instant consistent integrated configuration data to operators, maintainers, and logistics personnel.

CMIS is a Joint DoD Application and is currently fielded in the Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force. CMIS currently interfaces with the Joint Engineering Data Management Information and Control System (JEDMICS). It will also interface with the Optimized Organizational Maintenance Activity (OOMA) and the NAVY’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems which are currently in development.

Updated: 6/27/2021

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