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Compliance with Information Enterprise

To comply with the DoD Information Enterprise requirements for an acquisition program throughout its life-cycle, a Program Manager (PM) should: [1]

  • Meet the DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) requirements in producing architectural views.
  • Meet the DODAF Meta-model (DM2) Physical Exchange Specification (PES) requirements for sharing/reusing architecture data.
  • Meet the DoD Information Technology (IT) Standards Registry (DISR) requirements in selecting technologies and standards. This requirement is met by defining and implementing capabilities, based on technologies and standards contained within the Joint Technical Architecture (JTA)/DISR.
  • Meet the DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy requirements and intent. Make explicit the data that is produced and used by the program’s implemented operations. Provide the associated metadata, and define and document the program’s data models. This requirement is met by:
    • Describing the metadata that has been registered in the DoD Data Metadata Registry for each data asset used and for each data asset produced (i.e., data for which the program is the Source Data Authority).
    • Providing the documented data models associated with the program.
  • Explicitly address net-centric information sharing and determining the program’s net-centric correspondence to key net-centric criteria (e.g., concepts, processes, services, technologies, standards, and taxonomy).
  • Meet the broad requirements set forth in the Global Information Grid (GIG) Capstone Requirements Document. This requirement is met by describing the program elements that address each requirement and by expressing an overall degree of conformance to the GIG Capstone Requirements Document. Where conformance cannot be achieved, appropriate rationale and associated risks (near, mid, and/or long term) should be presented.

Compliance with the DoD Information Enterprise Architecture (IEA)
The DoD Information Enterprise Architecture (IEA) V1.1 is focused on achieving net-centric information sharing. To comply with the DoD IEA V1.1, describe how each program approaches and implements net-centric features. Compliance does not require separate documentation; however, it does require that Program Managers and Sponsors/Domain Owners address, within existing architecture, analysis, and program architecture documentation, the issues identified by using the model. Furthermore, it requires that Program Managers and Sponsors/Domain Owners explicitly describe the path to net-centric information sharing that the program is taking.

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Updated: 7/19/2017

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