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Capstone Threat Assessment (CTA)

(This Assessment Has Been Deleted)

The Capstone Threat Assessment (CTA) details how foreign countries are developing capabilities that will/can challenge US warfighting capabilities. The assessment is written by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) with input from other intelligence organizations.

The DIA validates seven (7) types of CTA’s:

  1. Land Warfare Capstone Threat Assessment
  2. Air Warfare Capstone
  3. Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Warfare Capstone Threat Assessment
  4. Information Operations Capstone Threat Assessment
  5. Maritime Warfare
  6. Missile Defense Threat Environment
  7. Space Capstone Threat Assessment

REGULATORY: Capstone Threat Assessments are maintained by the responsible production center and are required to be updated every 2 years, independent of acquisition decision events. [1]

CTA serve as the analytical foundation for System Threat Assessment Reports (STARs) and maintain projections of technology and adversary capability trends over the next 20 years. [1]


  • Specific web address for each CTA type can be found in the DAG

Updated: 7/17/2017

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