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BrainstormingBrainstorming is a technique used to generate a large number of ideas for the solution of a problem.  It can be used to identify risks, ideas, and solutions to issues by using a group o team members or subject matter experts. Typically, a brainstorming session is structured so that each participant’s ideas are recorded for later analysis.

Brainstorming Rules:

  • Collect as many ideas as possible from all participants with no criticisms or judgments made while ideas are being generated.
  • All ideas are welcome no matter how silly or far out they seem. Be creative. The more ideas the better because at this point you don’t know what might work.
  • Absolutely no discussion takes place during the brainstorming activity. Talking about the ideas will take place after brainstorming is complete.
  • Do not criticize or judge. Don’t even groan, frown, or laugh. All ideas are equally valid at this point.
  • Do build on others’ ideas.
  • Do write all ideas on a flipchart or board so the whole group can easily see them.
  • Set a time limit (i.e., 30 minutes) for the brainstorming.

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Updated: 5/31/2018

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