Why Advertise with AcqNotes


AcqNotes provides “Professional Services” companies a marketing medium to promote their capabilities and services to the Aerospace community.  The users of AcqNotes consists primary of members of the DoD, government and Aerospace acquisition workforce. These users create a Niche market that no other advertising medium can provide. Last month, 41,000+ unique visitors from the aerospace community visited AcqNotes.    See Statistics

Because AcqNotes is Where Your Customers are

Increase in Brand Awareness is what’s important about online advertising.  AcqNotes provides a company great PEAR value; “potential eyeball and retention”.  The more times your ad is seen within the Aerospace community the more potential customers become aware of a company’s capabilities services; this is the key to marketing.

Advertising Benefits:  

Reach Targeted Audience
AcqNotes enables marketers to get close to the Aerospace community and remain that way. AcqNotes users are growing in large numbers and staying online for longer periods of time. A complete marketing strategy that online advertising offers is the opportunity to create an initial brand awareness right to your customer base.

Increase Brand Awareness
Getting new business is the key to any company’s future, and increasing brand awareness will help let potential customers know who you are how you can serve them. AcqNotes allows a great marketing medium to increase a company’s Brand awareness.

Lead Generation
AcqNotes helps a company with the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into the products or services you provide.

Increase Your Website Visits
AcqNotes provides a good source of redirected website traffic to increase a company’s website visits.

Cost Effective
Advertising online with AcqNotes offers the most cost effective methods of marketing a company’s capabilities and services to the Aerospace community.  You can create, deliver and execute an online marketing campaign with AcqNotes targeted at the Aerospace community for a fraction of what would be paid for other mediums.
See Online Ad Rate Comparison

Custom Made
Your advertisements can be customized in terms of content and keywords, enabling the advertisement to appear on relevant web pages within AcqNotes. Advertisements can also be tailor made to suit the wants and needs of the consumer market in a manner that is easier to specifically target the individuals it is intended for. An example would be an ad targeting cost estimators or systems engineers. 

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