Acquisition Process

Section 806 “Developing, Prototyping, Deployment of Weapons System Components or Technology”

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FY 17 NDAA Section 806

Prototype within 2 years

SecDef shall, within RDT&E budget, set forth amounts requested for Development, prototyping, and experimentation of weapon system components or other technologies, incl those based on commercial items and technologies, separate from acquisition programs of record

Amounts shall be structured into either capability, weapon system component, or technology portfolios that reflect the priority areas for prototype projects

Each Service Secretary will establish an oversight board or group of senior advisors to manage prototype projects

SAE may select the project for follow-on production contract or OT without competition

  • Addresses a high priority warfighter need or reduces the costs of a weapon system
  • Competitive procedures were used for the selection of parties for participation in the original prototype project
  • Participants in the original prototype project successfully completed the requirements of the project; and
  • Prototype of the system to be procured was demonstrated in a relevant environment

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Updated: 7/6/2018