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An Outlay is the expenditure or disbursement of money. Typically we think of dollars being spent (Outlays) in a given year, but current year dollars may also represent Budget Authority (BA) or Total Obligation Authority (TOA) for a given year. Outlays may or may not fall in the same year as the budget authority that created them, especially for major acquisition and construction programs. [1]

See National Defense Budget (Green Book)

Outlay Rate

An outlay rates provides a profile of how money appropriated for a program will be spent over time according to the type of program. Some categories of appropriations, such as Military Pay, Civilian Pay, and Fuel, are required to be spent 100% within the year of appropriation. Other categories are allowed to be spent over a period of as many as seven years, such as shipbuilding. Each budget category (Appropriation Category) has an outlay profile which specifies the percent of the appropriation which should be spent in a given year. [1]

Outlay Example

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