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NSS 03-01

Note: RECENDED on 23 March 2009 

The National Security Space Policy (NSS) 03-01 provides the guidance for the development of spaces acquisition systems for the DoD.  It provides the policies and principles that form the foundation for all space DoD programs and establishes a management framework for translating user needs and technology opportunities into stable, affordable and well-managed space acquisition programs.  The policy also identifies the specific statutory and regulatory reports and other information requirements for each Key Decision Point (KDP). The policy is published by the Secretary of the Air Force/USA.

The NSS procurement model is based on the development of space systems requiring a longer research and development phase, higher technology needs and smaller quantities.  These systems require a different procurement approach that the typical DoD 5000 model that is focused on large scale procurement. The funding profile for a typical NSS program is usually front-loaded for the longer research and development times. This requires the key decisions to be conducted earlier than the typical DoDI 5000.02 program.

Table of Content

  1. Purpose
  2. Authority
  3. Applicability
  4. DoD Space MDA Guiding Principles
  5. National Security Space (NSS) Acquisition Approach
  6. Appendix
    • NSS Acquisition Model, Key Decision Points (KDP), and Acquisition Phases
    • Defense Space Acquisitions Boards (DSAB) and Independent Program Assessment (IPA) Process
    • DoD Space Independent Cost Analysis Process
    • Key DoD Space Acquisition Documentation
  7. Enclosures
    • IPA Readiness Review Checklist and KDP Entry Criteria
    • DoD Space Acquisitions Documentation Approval / Coordination Requirements Matrix
    • DoD Space Statutory Reference Information
    • Integrated Program Summary

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