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Major Force Program (MFP)

A Major Force Program (MFP) is an aggregation of Program Elements (PE) that reflects a force or support mission for the Department of Defense (DoD) and contains the resources necessary to achieve an objective or plan.  The MFP is contained in the context of the Future Years Defense Program (FYDP). It reflects fiscal time-phasing of mission objectives to be accomplished and the means proposed for their accomplishment. [1]

The FYDP is composed of twelve (12) major programs which are:

  • Program 1: Strategic Forces*
  • Program 2: General Purpose Forces*
  • Program 3: Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, and Space*
  • Program 4: Mobility Forces*
  • Program 5: Guard and Reserve Forces*
  • Program 6: Research and Development
  • Program 7: Central Supply and Maintenance
  • Program 8: Training, Medical, and Other General Personnel Activities
  • Program 9: Administration and Associated Activities
  • Program 10: Support of Other Nations
  • Program 11: Special Operations Forces*
  • Program 12: National Security Space (10 US Code 239)

* Those considered combat forces programs are marked by an asterisk.

Updated: 7/11/2021

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