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Joint Operations Concepts (JOpsC)


Joint Operations Concepts (JOpsC) is a family of joint future concepts consisting of a Capstone Concept for Joint Operations (CCJO), Joint Operating Concepts (JOC), Joint Functional Concepts (JFC), and Joint Integrating Concepts (JIC). The objective of JOpsC is to guide the transformation of the joint force so that it is prepared to operate successfully 8 to 20 years in the future.  They are a visualization of future operations and describe how a commander, using military art and science, might employ capabilities necessary to successfully meet challenges in the future.


The JOpsC should produce military capabilities that render previous ways of warfighting obsolete and may significantly change the measures of success in military operations overall. JOpsC presents a detailed description of “how” future operations may be conducted and provides the conceptual basis for joint experimentation and Capabilities-Based Assessments (CBAs). The outcomes of experimentation and CBA will underpin investment decisions leading to the development of new military capabilities beyond the Future Years Defense Program (FDYP). [1]


The JOpsC is a family of joint future concepts consisting of the:

  • Capstone Concept for Joint Operations (CCJO):  Overarching concept that guides the development of future joint force capabilities. It broadly describes how the joint force is expected to operate 8-20 years in the future in all domains across the range of military operations within a multilateral environment and in collaboration with interagency and multilateral partners.
  • Joint Operating Concepts (JOCs): Applies the CCJO solution in greater detail to a specified mission area, and describes how a joint force commander, 8-20 years in the future, is expected to conduct operations within a military campaign.
  • Joint Functional Concepts (JFCs): Applies elements of the Capstone Concept for Joint Operations solution to describe how the joint force, 8-20 years in the future, will perform an enduring military function across the full range of military operations, and identifies the operational-level capabilities required to support the full range of military operations. Also determines any additional military capabilities required to create the effects identified in JOCs.
  • Joint Integrating Concepts (JICs): Operational-level description of how a joint force commander, 8-20 years in the future, will perform a specific operation or function derived from a Joint Operating Concept and/or a Joint Functional Concept. They are narrowly scoped to identify, describe, and apply specific military capabilities, decomposing them into fundamental tasks, conditions, and standards.

Services, combatant commands, and Defense agencies conduct basic research, explore emerging technologies, generate innovative concepts, and conduct experimentation to develop service-unique or joint capabilities. These efforts provide the context for analyzing capabilities for the future joint force beyond the FYDP. The results of this analysis will influence Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) decisions as well as identify potential future concepts for the JOpsC family.



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