JCIDS Process

JCIDS Studies Repository

The Joint Staff (JS) Deputy Director for Requirements (J-8) serves as the JCIDS Gatekeeper for the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) Process and maintains a studies repository to facilitate visibility into studies related to capability requirements and the generation of JCIDS documents. Sponsors provide the results of any studies or analyses intended to support JCIDS documents to the studies repository. The posted study materials facilitate more streamlined requirements documentation, allowing JCIDS documents to refer to the study data rather than replicate information unnecessarily. [1]

The studies repository is also used to capture assessments of Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD), Joint Urgent Operational Need (JOUN), and other demonstrations of capability solutions in an operational environment, as well as other alternative forms of supporting documentation for capability requirements. [1]

Historical study data in the repository also facilitate the leverage of prior studies and efforts across the Joint Force to reduce unnecessary duplication of prior efforts and enable shorter timelines with more focused study efforts. To the greatest extent possible, the sponsors should leverage historical information from the studies repository and other sources, and focus Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA) and other studies only in areas that require new or updated analysis. [1]

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Update: 7/12/2017

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