PPBE Process

Budget Exhibits

Budget Exhibit’s are prepared by the DoD Components to support requests for appropriations from Congress and help justify the President’s Budget.  Appropriation decisions are based on the content of budget exhibits:

  • How well do the exhibits tell your program’s story?
  • Confusing, inaccurate, and/or inconsistent exhibits will cause programs to lose funding.
  • Well-prepared exhibits make the program more defensible against cuts.

Budget Exhibit’s supporting requests for an appropriation are called:

Procurement and RDT&E budget exhibits are among the most important documents prepared in support of acquisition programs because they essentially “tell the story” of the programs to the DoD Components, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), and members of Congress and their staffs.   If this story is incomplete, inaccurate, confusing, or inconsistent, an acquisition program may have its structure and/or budget significantly altered by any of these decision-makers.


  • They are also called Doc’s instead of Forms

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Updated: 5/30/2018

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