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Pentagon embraced flexibility to up its acquisition workforce

August 16, 2019
(Federal Times) The expansive list of federal hiring authorities has seen mixed responses from agency human resource offices, with some...
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Pentagon to Reform Acquisition Business Practices in 2019

December 20, 2018
(National Defense) The Defense Department plans to simplify some of its business practices next year to improve the way it...
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US Navy’s #1 Acquisition Priority Flounders

August 17, 2018
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Navy’s $122.3 billion Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine program is off to an inauspicious start after faulty...
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GAO Decision Threatens US Military Dominance; Reject It

June 27, 2018
(Breaking Defense) It hasn’t attracted much attention but a seemingly minor quasi-judicial ruling is a prime example of how our...
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Air Force “Delta” Office to Rehaul Acquisition Process

May 18, 2018
( The U.S. Air Force has established a new office to streamline how it procures and sustains weapons, platforms and...
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Air Force Speeds Up Space Acquisitions

April 18, 2018
(Breaking Defense) The Air Force, eager to get inside the decision cycle of China and Russia, is pressing ahead hard...
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Five Myths About Pentagon Weapons Programs

March 20, 2018
(Defense One by Frank Kendal) There is an unfortunate array of mythological perceived wisdom in Washington about the development, testing,...
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Fire Them: Sen McCain Wants to Hold Defense Officals Accountable

February 5, 2018
( The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee is playing hardball with the Pentagon when it comes to acquisition...
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