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Major Reviews

Production Readiness Review (PRR)


Major Reviews

The Production Readiness Review (PRR) assesses a program to determine if the design is ready for production. It assesses if the prime contractor and major subcontractors have accomplished adequate production planning without incurring unacceptable risks that will breach thresholds of schedule, performance, cost, or other established criteria. PRRs are normally performed as a series of reviews toward the end of Engineering, Manufacturing and Development (EMD) Phase and should be conducted during System Capability and Manufacturing Process Demonstration to identify and mitigate risks as the design progresses.

The PRR evaluates the full, production-configured system to determine if it correctly and completely implements all system requirements. The review determines whether the traceability of final system requirements to the final production system is maintained. A successful review is predicated on the determination that the system requirements are fully met in the final production configuration and that production capability forms a satisfactory basis for proceeding into Low-Rate Initial Production (LRIP) and Full-Rate Production (FRP).

The PRR should review:

  • The manufacturing readiness process
  • Quality management system
  • Production planning
  • System requirements compliance
  • Inventory management
  • Supplier management

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Auditing Overview


Audit PictureAuditing is the Systematic examination of records and documents to determine adequacy and effectiveness of budgeting, accounting, financial, and related policies and procedures; compliance with applicable statutes, regulations, policies, and prescribed procedures; reliability, accuracy, and completeness of financial and administrative records and reports; and the extent to which funds and other resources are properly protected and effectively used.

Defense Contract Audit Agency
The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) was established by the Department of Defense for the sole purpose of performing all contract auditing for the Department of Defense (DoD) and providing accounting and financial advisory services, in connection with the negotiation, administration and settlement of contracts and subcontracts, to all DoD procurement and contract administration activities. DCAA is a separate agency of the Department of Defense under the direction, authority, and control of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller).

The purpose of contract auditing is to assist in achieving prudent contracting by providing those responsible for Government procurement with financial information and advice relating to contractual matters and the effectiveness, efficiency, and economy of contractors’ operations. Contract audit activities include providing professional advice on accounting and financial matters to assist in the negotiation, award, administration, repricing and settlement of contracts.

Topics that contractors and Program Managers (PM) should be aware of with regards to Auditing include:

An Auditor represents the cognizant audit office designated by the DCAA or Service audit activities for conducting audit reviews of the contractor’s accounting system policies and procedures for compliance with the criteria

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Updated: 2/7/2017