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Section C – Description Specification SOW

Each Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) listed in Section B must be defined and described in detail in Section C so that both Government and Contractor personnel fully understand the work to be accomplished. Ensure that all CLINs/SLINs/ELINs are addressed. When specifications are referenced, the Integrated Product Team (IPT) will ensure the inclusion of the latest changes. Specifications must be cited by title, number, and revision number, if applicable, and latest date. When an item must meet certain requirements to be approved or accepted, these requirements will be stated in this section. Those items which are provisioned, for which a contracting officer is to place subsequent orders and execute supplemental agreements, must be identified as provisioned items. Provisioned items and provisioned data items are listed separately and the appropriate Section H clause is referenced.

CLINs are entered in the same numerical sequence as in Section B. In those instances where an item is listed in Section B and is further identified by alpha suffix SLINs, a separate Section C paragraph is not required for the SLINs because the description or specifications are always identical. When an item description applies to more than one item, all applicable CLINs will be entered in numerical order before the description. All requirements which apply to the CLINs being described will be entered before continuing to the succeeding CLINs. All, priced items will be described before provisioned, unpriced items and the option items.

The description and specifications of the supplies and services identified by line item in Section B of the procurement must be related to specific requirements in referenced documents.

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Updated: 8/10/2021

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